Mother’s Day

I’ve had a very busy day today, beginning with an earlier than usual start due to the clocks going forward last night.  I also had a late night (or should I say early morning) as it was gone half one this morning before I decided to call it a night. Truth be told, the only reason I turned off the TV and disconnected from the virtual world was not because I was tired, but because Mrs Bob, who was cuddled up with me, had fallen asleep on me. So, after turning the television off, it was time to call it night – I decided not to set an alarm as I could do with catching up on some sleep.

I awoke quite early and without the use of an alarm clock or at least a mechanical one, (our furry alarm clock/house guest, Dog, had woken Mrs Bob and myself up around half seven) and so the day began. I started my morning routine of making hot drinks for the both of us and attending to the needs of the cat. Even with such an early start, it was a nice and relaxing way to start my Sunday with the woman I love before grabbing my bow and heading to the local archery club.  The only reason I went to the club was because one of my closest friends and the club’s old VP was returning home after being away at university. I don’t have many friends, if I’m completely honest, but I’m close to him and we had been talking whilst he was away.  As it was the only week where we would be shooting indoors, as I’ve been in talks with another club to try to really get ahead competition-wise, I really had to make the effort to see him and have a good catch up before I went to work. I must admit, my friend has changed a great deal, but I guess that university will do that to you. I’ve seen his photos and videos on Snapchat and that is most certainly not a story for this blog!

After this, with the sun shining, I decided to enjoy the weather and take the long way home before spending the rest of Mother’s Day with Mrs Bob and our adopted fur baby, Dog (who had managed to send a Mother’s Day card to his foster mummy). I then tried to call my mother and wish her a happy Mother’s Day, but she had gone out to my sister’s for the day. I live too far away for her to come around for dinner. Even so, this is one day of the year I really try to catch up with her, because as much as it is a time of celebration of motherhood and all that goes with it, it’s also a time of reflection and pain because, unbeknown to most people, my biological father chose the night before Mother’s Day when I was seven, to disappear out of our lives. I guess time heals all wounds, or at least that’s what I would like to believe. For my mother, she has over the last thirty-odd years forgotten and moved on with her life. Every year, though, I’m always reminded of waking up that morning and learning that my life would never be the same ever again.

I must admit that over the years, I have had my problems and disagreements with my mother, the way she has dealt with me and her occasional dismay at the way that I’ve chosen to live my life. She has upset and even angered me over the years, but when I reflect on our relationship, she has been there when my father walked out and she worked her butt off to make sure we had a roof over our heads, food on the table and my school fees paid. So I’m sure I can take the time out one day of the year to let her know I appreciate her sacrifices and wish her a Happy Mothers Day.

Stay Safe X

Awareness Please

Originally posted on Autism and expectations: I spy with my little eye, something beginning with AA! Not not Alcoholics Anonymous. No, not the Automobile Association. I’m talking Autism Awareness! In the run up to Autism Awareness Week and Day and Month and Millenia, I’ve been thinking about what it is I really want the world…

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4,012 Steps to Happiness

After all the fun and drama of Slapton Beach on Sunday (see Thar She Blows) and the fact that my date afternoon with Mrs Bob was so much fun and a great way to get out of the house,  I decided yesterday when I awoke that we should take some more time to do something similar again. Plus, on Monday a regular guest had informed me that the whale we had been searching for on Sunday had moved location to a place called Berry Head, which is not too far from us.  I’m still somewhat shocked that the whale couldn’t be bothered to update its location on FB or Twitter at least.. so much for the digital age!

We had a few things to deal with first, as I have certain routines that I have to complete on a Tuesday plus I had to get some test results from the doctors, which I was very anxious about, so I was very glad to get it over and done with.  After that, I did my usual bits and pieces, before saying to a very relaxed Mrs Bob “Right, are you ready?” – which she obviously wasn’t, as I had annoyingly sprung  this on her.  I’d had this whole scenario planned in my head but had forgotten to open my mouth.  I was ready and I expected her to be also. Luckily, she was completely up for it, so we got our binoculars, hats and coats and made our way to Berry Head and Brixham.

The drive to Berry Head was not really a very long drive but the last portion is one of Devon’s particular specialities: a single track road, which out of season can be a nuisance and in season a no-go area, especially on routes to some of our county’s beauty spots. We found a place to park at Berry Head with relative ease and began the walk. It was a nice afternoon with a little sunshine and a breeze and the walk was pleasant – not too hilly but dry underfoot.  This gave us the opportunity to take it easy, enjoy each other’s company and even share some thought-provoking conversation about our favourite subject: Science.  We also took the time to really appreciate the beautiful scenery that surrounded us and take some pictures – even the usual Husband and Wife selfie that we always take when we go out. I know, I know, at our ripe old  ages we shouldn’t be doing this selfie malarkey but it’s kind of a tradition that started when we first went to Blackpool Sands all those years ago.  We now have a nice collection of selfies from all of our trips and we love reviewing them.

We eventually reached the old fortified walls, cannons and lighthouse and took some time to read the various information signs that were up, as well as admiring the beautiful view across the Torbay. We had a look for the whale but, alas, after twenty minutes of searching it was nowhere to be found, so we enjoyed the views and decided to stop off for coffee and cake at the little but well-stocked coffee shop on the headland. This was a great call on the part of my wife, as they had salted caramel latte and I do love a fancy coffee. This was just what we both needed: a nice trip out and a chance to unwind and get some fresh air.  As a nice addition, when I looked at my phone’s pedometer app, I had managed to clock up quite a few steps!  That counteracted the cake and coffe I had splurged out on, and turned it into a healthy day for both of us, in both mind and body. A really lovely day.

Stay Safe X

Thar She Blows

Today after work I had a wonderful date afternoon with my long suffering wife Mrs Bob; his was a brilliant way to unwind.

Mrs Bob was waiting for me so she could take me out for our afternoon date, this was surprisingly (to those that know me) my idea and for a number of reasons a very lovely afternoon, firstly we don’t tend to go out over the weekend much as I work most of the weekend, secondly Mrs Bob is pretty autistic for an NT, as she doesn’t like going out and/or socialising.  She is also a member of the WDCT Whale and Dolphin Conservation Trust. This is especially relevant as I had made plans for us to travel up to Slapton beach to go whale watching as there has been a humpback spotted there over the last few days.  I knew my wife would love a chance to see it for herself, plus it gave us a chance to enjoy some time together as a couple.

It would appear that most of south Devon had the same idea and had tried to cram all their cars in the tiny and normally unused car park, We managed, luckily, to find a space,  got our binoculars out and began to scour the seas looking for this majestic creature to rear its head, Unfortunately, the only thing to raise its head was a very grumpy woman who decided to start being rude to someone who was standing next to us, over the seriously heinous crime of BAD PARKING.  Before he could ask if his parking was causing her a direct issue, she had stormed off. This prompted Mrs Bob and I to leave, as more and more cars were arriving and so before tempers could fray further, we left and went back to “the beginning”.

This will mean nothing unless you know the story of how Mrs Bob and I got together.  We went to Blackpool Sands, which is just down the coast from Slapton, when I first visited her, and fell in love with this wonderful county of Devon.  But that really is another very wonderful story and one I may write at a later date. Anyway, back to today and Blackpool Sands – we had a nice coffee and then decided to get the binoculars out and just watch the sea and have some us time.  To our surprise, though, our special venue decided to show us some dolphins or porpoises.

We had almost given up on seeing anything and had decided to go back to our favourite piece in our story to relax and have a mini date.  It would seem that the universe, or fate had decided to make it an even more magical day for us.

Stay Safe X


Beginning of my Story

While I was looking over my website the other day, and trying to think how I could maybe edit the page or alter its visual layout to make it look better, or perhaps more welcoming or maybe, God forbid, professional. I happened to glance upon the beginning of this adventure the point where it all began some eight months or so ago with my very first post and it really got me thinking about a number of things…..

Firstly how far this little page, this idea had grown from being a single voice shouting into the dark abyss of the internet to where it is now, when I began this website and the associated social media pages that go with it. I was using the blog as a way of journalling how I manage to navigate the difficulties, and the way I see the world as someone on the Autism spectrum, and maybe raise some awareness of Autism Spectrum Disorder, while working on getting my new book of poetry (or scribbles as I call them, ready to be sent to the publisher.  This is no small feat, as I’m dyslexic and have had to get the amazing Mrs Bob to proofread and correct all the errors, of which I’m sure there were many.

Secondly, little did I know that in a few short months that nearly half a million of you lovely people would check out my blog.  That has really blown me away. I never thought that anyone would be interested in the ramblings of a forty year old Aspie and his mundane little life in the south west, I would, however, like to take this opportunity to say a very heartfelt thank you for taking the time to read my ramblings and even replying to them.

Finally a big thank you to all the followers on my social media pages (again I can’t believe how many of you there are) for all the hard work each and everyone of you put in by sharing, commenting and generally trying to help me in raising awareness of Aspergers and Autism Spectrum Disorder in general.  This really is half the struggle in this day and age, and I really couldn’t do it without the love and support of certain people so a personal thank you to my long suffering wife Mrs Bob, my close friends N,T and C and also to each and every one of you. Thank you so much for letting me be a part of your lives.

I would also on a separate note like to point out that this particular rambling is also a very special milestone one, it’s nearly my 100th posting….  here’s to many more.

Stay Safe X


This Sunday has seen the last of the indoor season with the archery club that I belong to. From now on, we will be shooting outdoors at our club’s ground as opposed to the indoor centre that we use over winter.  The hall is being remodelled, and so we are moving to the summer venue a little early. That means that due to the distance between the club and my work hours on a Sunday, I will have to stop shooting over the summer season until we begin using the indoor facilities again.

There is a downside to this scenario, which is that as I’m not being able to practice the sport I love for some months and this means that without practice my personal best (480 out of 600) and skills will surely deteriorate.  So I’m now at a crossroads and a dilemma. Do I take the summer off and hope that when we return to the indoor season I can get back up to speed and hope my scores don’t drop too much in the interim?  Or do I throw in the towel? (Note from wifety…. don’t give up hunny)